Have you ever tried cleaning your room, after weeks or months of abandonment? I assume you did, more than once. Piles of dust here and there. It’s just not seemly and right! Not to mention that it may pose a health problem to some people.

When you clean the dust, no matter how infinitesimally small or microscopic they are, you can’t simply destroy or obliterate it. The best you can do to is to vacuum or scoop the dust to a tray and dispose the contents somewhere proper. The best you can do is to remove them.

Try another illustration. I happen to be a schoolteacher and in some occasions, there’s always one or two disruptive students who compromise my classroom when I am teaching. Same principle applies. I can’t just kill the student nonchalantly. That would be a crime! The best I can do is to just remove the student away for a while, and let the class sterilize itself.

How desperate is then, my effort to apply the same principle to my own sin or guilt!!! Moving it to something away from me and let it depose themselves in their degradation. All as a way for me clear my conscience and gain some peace of mind. But no no no no, I can’t!! It’s in my soul!! It’s tower-stacked in the depths of my being and no force known in this world can really move it away.

Some have tried to put it to animals, and sacrificing it as an offering to God, as a form of propitiation. It is a logical step, but then it’s just a symbol. How is it that us humans who can’t bear our own sins then try to delegate it to a lower creature?

That is why I chose to believe in Jesus. He is a God who is willing to bear my sins and my sufferings on that cruel cross. This world was made through Him, and thus only through Him I can understand the world properly. He changed my heart of stone, which was saturated with sin into a heart of flesh, ready to be filled with wonders of His grace. He is the pioneer of my salvation and also the perfecter of my being, until later my presence is worthy of His abode in New Jerusalem.

You may ask then, why He, who is a God would do this?  This despicable act which no man can ever conceive of?

Because He loves me.

Because He loves you.

Because He loves the world.



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