The Self-Deception of Faith

Faith means that you put complete trust in somebody or someone. This is very much applicable in religion, where you put your faith to God you’re worshiping.

There are set of things to do which will demonstrate your faith to any particular religion. Since I’m a Christian, these would be my share of examples of those chores within my religion(in no particular order) :

  • Having daily Quiet Time
  • Reading and Doing Bible Regularly
  • Being baptized
  • Born-Again
  • Attend weekly Sunday Service
  • Attend prayer meetings
  • Pay tithes regularly
  • Being a member in a local church
  • Serving in a community, be it as a church member or in any social context
  • Attend gospel rally or revivals
  • Celebrate particular religious time, such as Christmas, Easter, Lent or any Saint’s Feasts
  • etc.

Of course, every denomination varies in their practices and the list above is by no means exhaustive. You can add or subtract items in the list above. Certainly, if you are from different creed you will have another item. But my point is that every religion has their share of rituals or things to be crossed-off. You might not have to do all those things, but if you really ignore it, do you really experience the religion?

If you try to put those things in language of logic, those chores would be your Premises and the Conclusion would be that you are a Christian/Muslim/Buddhist/Hindu/(nameyourreligionhere)

But if you try to think a bit more critical, do you think that by doing those things will certify that you are a true believer of a particular religion? It might be so, but that also means that it might not be so, right? Nobody knows for sure.

There’s just a fine line between faith and self-deception. A person might flawlessly finish all his/her to-do-list within a religion, and that will show to others that they’re a true adherent of their believer. The person might believe so, too. But, does that make the person a true believer in God’s eye?

It’s like two sides of a coin. He/she might deceive himself, thinking that he/she is a true believer, but can still focus on the religion without par, which won’t make the person a hypocrite. He/she can be an earnest believer too who does not deceive himself and does all the chore gladly, with the same fruits like the one who is deceiving himself/herself. Maybe there’s no such thing as the duality of Faith/Works. If you don’t have one, it can be said that you don’t have the other one too.

All in all, nobody knows for sure. Thankfully, God knows our heart better than ourselves. Our faith does not depend on how well we know ourselves, but on how much God had revealed Himself to us. There’s no use for us mingling too much with our doubt. Trust God. The time will come when He reveals it to us whether our faith is fake or not. Until then, practice your faith fervently. You don’t know how the seeds you’ve sown and shown will influence others.

Sapere Aude!


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